What are you doing with your herbs ?

So just going about questing my warlock in 3 levels i've got enough herbs to level 3 alts to 600 in alchemy and 1 alt in inscription and still not even going out looking for herbs I fill my bags in a couple hours of questing and have to find a mail box to just make space.

So what are you making with your millions of stacks of herbs ?
im milling every herb I can get my hands on in preparation for the chance that the ink trader isnt converted to MoP before the first darkmoon fair.
I'm putting a lot in one of my guild banks, others I'm milling like Zachfu, and I've used a tiny amount for alchemy items for myself and guildmates.
I'm milling enough to get 10 starlight ink per day for my darkmoon card cooldown. Rest are getting sold and made into consumables for the upcoming raid week.

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