Achievement qustion - Slum it in the summit

Hello guys, I was working on a story line achievement on Kun Lai Summit. and I got to finish most of the quest beside 'The Shado-Pan'

I was wondering if I choose to do some quest, does it make another quest disappear or something? I did quest grind before I hit 90. I wasn't really paying attention about achievement or any other things beside lvling my toon.
even after I spend good amount of time researching on the web, I couldn't find the quest anywhere. I was getting my information about the quest on wowhead, it only had a questing start(giving), finish(turning it in)locations. been flying around almost all day looking for this single quest.

Please direct me to right direction, if I missed anything.

Thanks in advanced!
*sorry for my english. it is not my first lang,

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