Strength or PvP Power?

The new PvP season is out tomorrow and so is all the gear etc. For the blue sockets of warriors pvp gear what will be more beneficial? Full PvP Power gems (blue) or Strength with PvP power gem (Purple)?
We are too early in the xpack to tell honestly. At level 85 there was a thread here saying at over 15k AP PvP power does more damage, but now we dont have the gear yet to see if PvP power is doing more damage.
pvp power. vangaurd made this crazy post about it during beta. has a bunch of graphs and !@#$ all you need to know is for pvp. pvp power > str
I think Blizzard said stacking PvP power is effective, but you need to have some of your core stats as well.
well STR give u parry thats good vs melee classes but useless vs caster.
I think pvp power drs at 30%

It is a bit complicated figuring how str will affect certain levels of powerr and visa versa.. So I just have my gems 50/50 at the moment. Dont forget resil though. Counters pvp power and you can do more damage if you stay in the fight.

Interesting read about PVP Power, other stats, and PVP resil affecting effective health. Not sure if this will answer your question or not, OP.

PVP Power increases damage done to players, so if you have no underlying damage for it to increase it seems worthless, indicating you'll want some STR too.
call me crazy but is 320 crit not better than 160 strength? seems like it should be on the table at least. I would think theres no way 160 str beats 320 pvp power.

I have no math to back it up, just basing it on past knowledge of how stat weights usually work out.

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