Transferring Questions

I'm planning on transferring from Stormrage to zul'jin at some point soon. I've been asking different lvl 90 ally players about it but I figured I'd go to the forums too.

What's the economy like? -- I checked the AH and it seems slightly skewed and not too well but different opinions are appreciated.

I know there is a big French-speaking population which is fine by me.

How's guild raiding progression on the server? I'm not a hardcore raider but it's nice information to have.

How're the guilds in general?

My boyfriend plans on going with me and he does mostly BGs. Are BGs skewed alliance or horde and if so how much?

If I think of anything else to ask I'll reply back/edit this entry. Until then, please help :)

I'm going alliance btw.
i have 2 toons on Stormrage alliance :O
How often are there log-in queues on KT? That's the main thing I'm trying to escape. :/

Good economy is another thing on my wish list.
I also just looked into server migration on KT and it looks like Blizz is trying to funnel people off of that server. :/
Why are you leaving stormrage? Ally progression on ZJ is not as good as horde, although Machine Shin and GDL are solid raiding guilds (maybe warlords of trifinity too, dunno). The AH is pretty easy to get into the rythms of when our prices peak and fall. There is a large quebec population ally side who speak french, most of them speak english too. As long as you dont get freaked out when people use french in trade once in a while its no biggy. Ally side on Zul'jin is a very rare thing, in all the servers i have played on it's hands down one of the nicest most helpful places i have played. you are more likely to see people chatting and selling stuff in trade than trolling.

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