Enh Shammy :: Back for Mists, LF casual raid

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Im in the states looking for a casual night guild. My current schedule makes me unable to play during my timezone's daytime.

Oceanic server times matches my playtime, so I'm willing to transfer for the right group.
I can play from 5:30-10:30 AEST (My time: 11:30PM-4:30AM PST) on any day of the week.
Although, I prefer that raid days are 2-4 days out of the week.

Ive played since Vanilla (if that really matters)
Can take constructive criticism.
Willing to learn.
Looking for a fun laid-back raiding guild.
I don't talk much unless I have to.
I was a casual raider that quit progressively raiding during Ulduar in WotLK.
I came back on and off during Cataclysm to play around with new patches.
Im not "experienced" as most raiders are, but I do my research on my role and raid fights and try to do what I can to make the raid succeed.
Like to do old raids, random achievements and alt raids as well.

I'm also okay with being backup raider for core/more serious raiders.

Although, I'm most comfortable playing my Enhance Shaman, I also have other classes that will be played in the future as well.
This includes:
  • 85 Protection Paladin
  • 85 Restoration Druid
  • 83 Fury Warrior
  • 81 Arcane Mage
  • PS:: Sorry Alliance, I'm only looking for Horde guilds.
    g'day mate, We are recruiting at the moment. we raid 7:30pm Auseastern i believe (im a yank).
    2:30am server time.

    If you are interested pop over to dreadmaul and hit me up.

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