Rival Clans/Monasteries/Schools

Emerald Dream

Noticed a few new RP guilds being started revolving around either Monks or Pandaren. I'm sure many of you RPers realize that this is the first opportunity for us to have rival 'same-race' guilds.

Horde Panda guild vs Ally Panda guild.

Not necessarily limited to just Pandaren, but I really like the idea of having rival Clans or opposing schools of martial arts.

Sure, Horde vs Ally is enough of a rivalry, and while we don't need another excuse to kill one another, this just seems like a fun idea.

Also: Event - Martial Arts Tournament.
Champion your School/Clan.

OOC: even though this is an OOC thread.

When I saw your title I was thinking OMG more Goblin Vs Gnome stuff. After all GoblinTech is at war with GnomeTech. So it just seem logical that the Two Top Engineering schools on Emerald Dream should be mentioned, also we are always looking for new students, and frankly I am sure there might be a Panda or two who might have the ability to learn Science from a Goblin or a Gnome.

However If someone has a decent RP idea and actual RP happens on this subject I am all ears.
Literally Goblins have the same size ears as Trolls, and Elves at only 25% of the mass.


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