[Suggestion] future monk abilities

This is directed to the developers, I know you guys are probably busy doing something so I won't make a long drawn out post. I just like to say, I've been waiting for a long time to play a monk, and I'm very thankful for your hard work.

My suggestion is to add something similar to a Druids Travel form, Stance of the Flying Crane(Name can be changed), where our running speed is increased, similar to some characters in Kung Fu movies. Where we run at super human speed. This would be a mount replacement, like worgens and druids get. Here is a reference video if you need help getting inspired http://youtu.be/dUHcRyqclqo?t=21s Maybe you could use it in the future expansion, or even in a new content patch.

Please continue working hard in making this game great, and I thank you for giving me a fun and unique class.

If you have any suggestions you would like to add please feel free to add to this thread.

Why not look at druids they get all the cool stuff, they don't even have to have mount...
Sorry, but no to all of that. Zen Flight is awesome. Maybe make that scale with riding, but other than that, we don't need anything else. I personally love being able to roll backwards as well, no other class mechanic has it in the direction you are moving(save the glyph for blink).
Just make Zen Flight scale with riding skill and we're game :)

Myself, a suggestion of something that bothers me:

Invoke Xuen talent. Why not rename the talent "Invoke Celestial" and make it custom for each spec? Tiger, Dragon and Ox being summoned makes sense.

Also, once I've read something about monks, that they would use fists for everything, and weapons would be a special moment of a finishing move. Yet we actually see the opposite. Unless you glyph Jab, you'll be using your weapons very often, and fists for everything else.

I'm not complaining, I love punching, but I'd like option of choice; perhaps we could glyph something that alters Blackout Kick (wich I believe that is the most used "finisher") to "Blackout Strike", wich you do with your weapons instead?
I just find it would be more monk like, if we had a super running stance. To be more like Kung Fu movies, its not like it would break the game, it purely a cosmetic alternative to riding a mount. I'm not complaining, i'm just suggesting that maybe they could add stances like they did with druids, that give us an alternative to using a mount.

They could even make it so our Roll is infinite, when traveling outdoors, that would be cool.

And it would be nice if our zen flight scaled with our riding skill

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