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I started off being a clicker but about 3 months ago I started using keybinds. However, I feel like I am not using the right type of keybinds. Atm I just have a normal mouse, so everything is binded to my keyboard. I have mortal strike binded to f key, overpower to v key, slam to r key, q for piercing howl, and b for my trinket. Then I have pummel on 2 key, my equip one hand and shield macro to 1 key and so on. Then I have my cooldown abilites, such as recklessness on alt then g or some other letter.

Does this seem like the right way to do it for best pvp results? I am trying to get a razer naga, but I can't guarantee on that. Could some good pvper's, pref warriors, help me out with what keys I should use for keybinds? Thanks guys

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