Trying to justify the cost. Opinions?

Hi guys. I recently leveled mining to 350 on this toon (without fast flying, has been quite a pain) but I am leveling mining on her specifically to benefit my main (who is an engineer). I can't justify buying fast flying since I am not looking to make a profit (perhaps later on when I am maxed and have free time to mine). I do not intend on playing the character, just leveling her to the necessary level to mine in Pandaria. :)

I am not sure on the exact cost, but I think I seen 4500g (I am assuming thats for 280 and 4500 more for 310? or whatever the maxspeed). I am not sure if that is the only cost or if there is more than one I would have to purchase.

I paid the gold to be able to fly in all zones, but at only 150% speed.

WWYD? Suck it up and purchase the flying? I only have 280% speed on my "main" alt, who is an 85 character and of course, on my main, I have the highest possible flying. I am sort of greedy, I do not have a ton of gold (about 40k).

Thanks in advance!
Unless you plan on hitting 90 so that you can fly in Pandaria, it isn't worth the cost.

Furthermore, you need to consider the time you are investing in gathering your own ore in addition to the materials cost. Farming your own materials does not make them free. If you can make more gold per hour doing the plethora of dailies available to your engineer, you are better off just buying the mats off of the AH rather than wasting time on a character you don't care about.
Thanks for the reply, however my engineer (this toon) is not 90 yet. I am still leveling, so I am doing both mining on my alt (which is almost 400 as we speak) during the day (while studying for midterms, argh) and leveling in the evening when I have more free time to sit down and concentrate.

I assume by the time I am 90 and can actually equip the goggles, my DKs leveling + mining should be completed. I am tanking so probably leveling through the dungeon finder + picking up quests along the way to accompany leveling the mining in Cata. Once I hit Pandaria, I am probably going to stick to Jade Forest and just mine away for a few hours to I have more than enough to level my toon's engy + make the goggles.

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