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Guild Recruitment
Wicked Sensitive Crew is currently opening the guild up for recruitment. This guild was created (and is soley run) by my husband and myself and is level 10. We are seeking individuals who are interested in casual play (no raiding at this time due to lack of personal time), grouping for dungeons, quests, chatting, etc.

This guild is (and will most likely remain for awhile) very laid back, as both the husband and I work full time with 2 teenagers to manage as well. We are in the PST time zone, so our play times range from anywhere between 6PM-10PM (week nights) and on the weekends anytime throughout the day and evenings.

If you are just looking for a place to call home and help us build our guild up, please send me a tell in-game. We'll chat and see if you would fit in with us. :) You can typically reach me on any of the below-mentioned characters.

Sahaiya - 85 Paladin (rarely played)
Deynna - 81 Mage
Mahaera - 80 Shaman
Risanne - 79 Hunter
Seiha - 67 Priest
Celanda - 40 Monk

Yes ... I have altitus *smiles*.

I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested.
We are now currently level 10 and seeking members with like-minded goals. PST in-game or post here if interested.


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