Water Spirit, bug or working as intended?

Bug Report
My guildy who's a monk is saying that he's not able to farm any Water Spirit from herbing.

I think it's something about monks not registering as mana users even though mistweavers do use mana as well. Because of that, are these not supposed to be available to monks or is it just bugging out and not dropping for monks for whatever reason?

Btw just to note, he said he farmed 500+ herbs on his monk and didn't get a single one of those (but did get the health ones), but hopped on his druid and got one the first pick. So if monks indeed are able to get it, maybe he just has bad bad bad luck?
I can confirm this...

I have farmed up a lot of herbs on my priest and have a couple of stacks of water spirit, which are next to worthless because I'm shadow.

I have farmed up more herbs on my monk vs. priest and have never received a water spirit. Ironically this is where I need and want them because I'm healing.

Please fix this, although with the better gear my combat mp5 is improving being able to use these would be a welcome benefit of a profession with few benefits.
I tested this after herbing ~1000 herbs on two characters over the course of two days. This one (the monk) and my shaman. The monk found absolutely none (read zero) spirits of water while the shaman ended up with stacks of them.

The game is obviously not picking up the fact that I was in a mana using specialization and consequently removed the spirits of water from the loot table. On a side note my druid has no trouble obtaining them either despite having 3 different possible resource types.

Please fix.
I can confirm this as well. After 5000 harvests (according to gatherer) I have seen absolutely no Water Spirits.

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