finally after 2 hrs tamed this beauty!! only white cat (panda skin) in game and what a pain to tame :) you have to track bloody pawprints and set a flare to even see him ...worth every second
if only he was a spirit beast
I just got him as well, had 2 90 hunters following me, they went back soon after about 3 tracks later BOOM there he was.. and I agree worth the time. Now for Glimmer.
Nice I just tamed Portent and that was fun. Got the color I wanted also which was the red one.
Got him & Bloodtooth yesterday, now to get the panda turtle mount!
Aside from looks, what makes spirit beasts so good?
How often does he leave foot prints? i spotted some by the water by dawns blossom but didnt see anymore.
Ok im starting to see them more, did you follow them backwards or follow the way the foot print was facing?
09/29/2012 08:53 AMPosted by Fligdhunta
Aside from looks, what makes spirit beasts so good?
Bragging rights to those who don't have em (loque specifically) :D

In all seriousness though, nothing. Im pretty sure the whole mastery buff goes with all pets I think.. if not then..

Spirit beasts get a mastery buff :I
Spirit beats heal you. #1 reason they are awesome pets.
meh i leveled all the way to 90 as SV no probs and beat plenty of BM hunters on the meters in randoms.. its ok for soloing but most people cant manage their pet/cd's in a pressure situation. My secondary is BM and i have like 5 spirits sitting in my stable (loque gondria skoll ana etc..) but i find more utility in SV esp in group situation.. BM has good burst but after that its more about buttons

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