Shield Slam CD not reseting

I'm using devastate like crazy and Shield Slam will not reset CD (30% chance to reset in prot spec). It was working fine this afternoon. Anyone having the same issue?
You're just getting an unlucky amount of sword and board procs. RNG happens.
I came here to post the same thing. I am not getting sword and board procs.

I even spammed devastate on a dummy for 10 minutes, not a single proc.
Tested for 3 minutes; no procs happened.

Was working fine earlier on.
Been trying to get it to proc for an hour while questing, not getting any here either
its broken for me too
Works fine for me? Maybe submit a bug report. I doubt this has to do with it but I have a Mac so maybe it is a problem in the PC coding.
This is happening to me as well.

I noticed it after yesterdays maintenance. Defiantly not working correctly.
If you're having problems with it, post in this bug report thread in the bug report forums.. So they know it's an issue..
i can confirm that devastate isnt reseting shield slam cooldown
Now mine isn't working either...hmm.

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