Classes with self healing?

Death Knight
It seems like they all got a HUGE buff with this expansion. Sprites, Ret pallys, Shammys and yes even boomkins seem like they have MUCH more survivability than any non-healing class. Dks, warriors, rogues and what not seem to have a much harder time staying up... Is this just me seeing this? As a level 89 2h frost dk I've been trying some pvp. When I get in a 1v1 fight with a ret pally or a Spriest it seems almost impossible to outlast them or burst them down with all the self healing they have unless they're downright awful. Am I the only one having this problem?
There were some changes in the expansion release and glyphs that allowed healing in different stances or forms. This is probably what you're noticing, Boomkin being able to heal in Boomkin form, Spriest being able to heal in shadowform, etc.
That and the heals seem very large for a dps class. I mean Spriests seem like they can not only put out good damage but heal through most of mine.

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