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Moon Guard
Who we are:

Withstand the Flames is an Alliance 10-man raiding guild that has existed on Moon Guard since April 2011. Although we are on a roleplay server, and several of us do roleplay, we are primarily a raiding guild. Our guild conducts itself in a professional manner; drama and other social disruptions are kept strictly in check. We currently have 155 guild members, all of whom are friendly and helpful. It’s fairly easy to find someone to quest, dungeon, or perform other activities with at almost any time of day.

What we do:

As stated, Withstand the Flames is a hardcore raiding guild. We finished Cataclysm as Saviors of Azeroth, and intend to complete heroic modes in Mists of Pandaria even faster than we did in Cataclysm. Besides our core raid team we will also be running at least one (likely two) alternate raids. We will be running Challenge Modes in the near future, allowing access to anyone interested and willing to put in the work. Although not part of our schedule, it’s also possible to PvP or roleplay with guild members; many of us are capable of more than just raids.

What we are looking for:

As of now we are looking for anyone with an interest in raiding or other PvE content in Mists of Panderia. All roles are welcome to apply, though we are most interested in a dedicated tank (preferably with a dps offspec). Spots for the core raid will be given to those most able to perform consistently at a high level. Those who either can’t make the schedule or the performance requirements for the core raid will be given a spot in one of the alt raids. For a more in-depth read of our raid structure and etiquette, follow this link:


What you can expect from us:

While we may not be the largest raid guild on Moon Guard, we do pride ourselves on being unique. We have a very friendly and professional group of people who have experience in just about any aspect of the game imaginable. If you need help, then just ask around, you’re likely to find what you need. During raids we keep a professional attitude during fights, but manage to have fun during the breaks in between. The atmosphere of the guild isn’t all work. Most of us are equipped with a sharp sense of humor, and know how to wield it. The distinct lack of guild drama helps give an atmosphere of ease for playing the game, which is our goal.

What to do:

If any of this intrigues you then feel free to either sign up at our website:


If you want to know more, then feel free to whisper Ràgnar, Falnagen, Davillion, or Smashea with any questions, concerns, or comments ingame.
Bumped to the top. Great guild. Fun times. You'll enjoy yourself.
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Bumped to the top. Great guild. Fun times. You'll enjoy yourself.
I'll enjoy myself if I want. You're not the boss of me.
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