Golden Lotus quest bug.

I started my golden lotus quests at the 7 stars. it sends me to the golden pagoda now this is where it gets tricky. my quest log was full so apparently so after i turned in my quest at the golden pagoda i didnt get another quest. even after i abandon some other quests no ! appears over any of the quest givers heads. what am i sposed to do this is a serious issue holding me back from getting my reputation.
I'm also having this issue. -_-"
I am currently stuck at golden pagoda as well. with no quests nothing. any help please..
same im stuck with no quests to do ((
still stuck? anyone has got any solutions...?
yeah im stuck as well
ME TOOO! GAHH i really need the rep... :(((
I need rep with these guys, was told to go the the pagoda, got there and no quests...
no pagoda dailies :(
I think my quest log was full
Whats the solution?
try going south east of the ruins. I had abandoned one of the quests I got and then went back to the pagoda and it wasn't there..found the NPC SE of the ruins.
10/03/2012 02:58 PMPosted by Kronwalled
try going south east of the ruins. I had abandoned one of the quests I got and then went back to the pagoda and it wasn't there..found the NPC SE of the ruins.

Anji Autumnlight? Yeah she's there at the ruins. She's also at the golden pagoda.
There are no daily quests though.
I'm at neutral 412/3000 with golden lotus and unable to gain reputation. 4 days 16 hours left on my ticket.
I've been having a problem with the Golden Lotus starter chain as well.

I got the quest to open the gate, and after that cutscene it sent me to the pagoda to talk to Zhi the Harmonious. I did that and completed the quest with him and it's not giving me any more.

I read on wowhead that I'm supposed to get a quest from Sun Tenderheart to go to the Shrine of two Moons, but I'm unable to get it atm.
There is a ton of Vale quests that are having huge issues, idk what Blizzard did, but they broke something
Im having the same issue
Ditto. Very annoying.
I have the same gripe. When you got to the spot to pick up the daily 6 that are there, there doesnt seem to be a problem...I just turned them in for the second day and only 550 rep for the 6 quests and only 110 points each. The giver that gives out two quests only gives you credit for one of the two!!!!!!

Normally on a quest you get points for how many mobs you kill to complete the quest, but not here. The Black prince gets his rep though. A whopping 11 points, but thats better than nothing you get from/for Golden Lotus.

The Golden Lotus dailies give 100 rep (110 if human) a piece. What happens though is by the time you are honored, you get a total of 15 quests a day, 14 of them giving 100 rep and the last one giving 200 rep.
Well if you want to look at it that way. Lets just take farming at half hill...just farming now.. if you only have 4 places to plant that gives you 400rep. Honored you have 8 spaces to plant, 800 rep, then for revered you have 12 places, now where up to 1200, catching up with Golden Lotus a bit.....

But wait!!! You also get how much for each hairy bug that attacks you, sometimes two. But so far its takin me 8 days to get up to 1/2 the way up the friendly meter, did 7 quests for 550 reputation....110 rep for an entire quest and one dont even count...sorry man, thats too little for us low life peons. More like slave labor from zero neutral to zero honored.

Even if you want to werk your arce off your stuck at 550 per day... to get honored thats close to 12 days...lolol...

Sorry you dont have a good arguement......(Oh and I dont want to take undue credit. Im a runt with a big butt, and a dumb laugh, and I get 110 for each, so its not just humans that whopping 110rep)

The biggest issue is why does Blizz want to stand on our neck for so long. Even if they fix it we are still loosers because we have already spent the time. Im sure their not gonna pour reputation on our heads by the bucket when it does get fixed...
To get the 110 rep per quest, you are either human or in a guild with the rep boost perk. I figured you were human, since that is the character you are posting as.

As for why Blizz did the mass of dailies with MoP, it was because these boards during Cata were filled with people complaining that they had nothing to do but run the same dungeons and raids over and over and that they were exalted with all the factions within the first week because of the tabards. They also complained that there wasn't much of a reason to get exalted with the various factions cause they didn't give much that was special or useful. So in response, Blizz gave us this massive number of dailies and putting the valor gear attached to the faction rep, along with the dailies giving the lesser charms needed so you can get the greater charms for extra loot. Thus they solved the problem of people having nothing to do by going to the opposite end of the spectrum. This was their response, whether it was implemented correctly or not, to the people on these boards.
Having the same issue--the Golden Lotus quest givers at the Golden Pagoda are not offering quests to my 90 druid.

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