Bleeding Hollow
vaylen sent me a real id with a nerd rage message on it rofl

tasty beverage #1

also pls felgibson bring more alliance and try to kill me <3

It actually said something about you !@#$%ing out and running through dark portal. Good try though

Vaylen-Barbee #1 2012
It's okay bro I still love you.
10/05/2012 08:13 PMPosted by Raikino

How do you do?
Vaylen is my woman, yall best stop trying to get it in with him.
stompy #1
Stompy is good too.
you don't know !@#$ about bizzle meng
bizzle rocking dark portal like a champ with us
youngbizzle aka youngpimpin bein the best at dark portal all day son
Vaylen 2012
up to barbee, prolly not. need some more honor gear :\

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