Help with guild scripts please?

UI and Macro
I have found several scripts to help with managing my ranks.
One being a script to demote people who have been MIA for 30 days.
Im looking for one that will promote the lowest rank(the people who were mia and returned or the new members That have been on within the last week) to the Rank above.

So to describe what i mean.

Say Joe went MIA and he has been gone for 30 days. When i hit my Demote macro, it will take him back to New Member, no matter what rank he was.
Say Joe Returns and a new member joins. I auto Promote them to Member using the new script.

I tried to alter the demote script... but it isnt restricted by rank, it will promote people all the way to officer.

I would really like some help. This one macro will make my life easier.

And another question.
Using a script similar to this
/run for i=1,(select(1,GetNumGuildMembers()))do local n,_,r,l=GetGuildRosterInfo(i)if l==84 and r>4 then GuildPromote(n)end end

How can i use a script like this to promote people who are 85+ to a certain rank, for gb purposes.

Thanks for any help i get.
Script wise you're gonna have to wait on others.
Addon wise, you can use:
which will allow mass demoting based on Guild Activity. It isn't the same as time since last login but it depends on it so you can use it for the same purpose.

If you prefer time in days, then use
and it should auto demote by inactivity time for you.
Ok ill check those out and come back here with my results. Thanks.
Ok well. I love that Demote addon. fantastic. But the Promote one kinda counteracts it.
The promo addon will promote everything i need to where i need. But it promotes EVERYTHING. See the thing is.. i dont want the MIA players being promoted. So the demoter will throw everybody down to the MIA rank if they are missing for 15 days. Well now im in need of something to allow me to promote Everybody 85+ that isnt MIA to the Sempai Rank. And also one to promote Returning MIA players to Follower to be added back to the promos.

If it may help.. though i doubt it will. Ill list our Ranks, themes by MoP and Guild Name.
From GM to MiA
Kyoshi - GM alts
Renshi - Officers
Scholar - Co-Officer
Sensei - Raiders
Sempai - 85+
Disciple - 20+
Follower - Newbies

In short. I need something that allows me to promote 20+ to Disciple and 85+ to Sempai, While ALSO, not promoting the MIA people. And something to promote the MIA people back to follower so they are back in the queues to be promoted to their proper rank.

Thanks for the Help though Sedivy

More help would be appreciated.

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