End of Garrosh, new Warchief!

Wyrmrest Accord
I think that honor is held by the Defias Pillager.
If The Dark Lady becomes the leader of the Horde I will switch sides to Alliance the very next day and spend 3 months doing nothing but attacking Forsaken in Undercity....

My Vote is for Thrall.
Saurfang is sadly to old...though I would love it.
General Nazgrim would be a great Warchief. Hes come up though the ranks, hes a Kor'Kron.

Baine, Hes awesome, I like him. Hes like a Tauren Version of Thrall. He wants Secruity and peace for his people but is willing to fight to defend them and the Horde.

Vol'jin, again a good option, id be ok with Warchief Vol'jin.

I'd like to say it would be Baine, they've spent a lot of time in the books building him up. However, it'll be Thrall. Because Thrall.
Next WoW novel is through Vol'jin's eyes.

I'd lean towards the troll.
I don't want Vol'jin as a warchief. Hes just so torn between his culture and the horde, he can barely balance either. I want to see a different character, I want to see another bolvar happen. A character that everyone forgot about who is suddenly brought up to our eyes and made epic again.

Baine would be a good option for this.
Thrall was constricted as a relatively new (introduced in Warcraft 3 and the novel preceding it) character by the title of Warchief, so I want to see what they do with him and where he goes without it.

I can see some sort of co-warchief thing between both Baine and Vol'jin, likely with Nazgrel and Saurfang as orc-brains.
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As far reaching as it is, I can't help but grin at the fantasy of Blood Elves lording over-in their mind- a herd of savages. It's cute.

The painful reality:

<At a Horde leaders meeting!>

Baine: "Uhm...has anyone seen Lor'themar? I thought he was supposed to be here too?"

Gallywix: "Lor'thewho?"

Garrosh: "Hm. I wonder what could have happened to him..."

Lor'themar, who is being sat on by Garrosh: <shivering while trying not to cry> "I'm...Lor'themar..."
Rexxar for Warchief.

'cause, 'cmon..

That guy is a boss hog, man.
For. The. Last. Bloody. Time.

Thrall's not coming back, sadly. He's stated in two sources that I know of (The last two Warcraft 'Novels' ... heh. The Thrall-centric book and the Jaina-centric book) that he has 'shed' the mantle of Warchief and is dedicated to being a Shaman now.

Hell, in Tides of War, Thrall is now the Leader of the Earthen Ring and is explaining to Jaina it could be decades, if not longer, before the damage done to Azeroth by the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance and the Cataclysm itself is fully healed.

Vol'jin would actually be a very valid choice. He's smart enough to know that co-existence is the wisest choice for the Horde, but he's not going to roll over when the Alliance starts to act up. He'll fight for the Horde, but he's also going to pick his battles, which is what anyone who holds tens of, if not hundreds, of thousands of lives in their hands.

Baine I could also see as a very valid choice. The son of a great Hero of the Horde, who has proven his valor many times and is known for holding to his honor, even when he loathes the course of action it sets him upon, he would make an excellent Warchief.

I'd actually be tickled pink if one of the Orcs from the previous expansions stepped up to the plate, Serga Darkthorn, Gorgonna from Northrend, Nazgrel would make a good Warchief if Blizzard points us back to the honorable Horde of the Thrall era, there's also Saurfang's Niece/Broxigar's Daughter (whose name sadly escapes me), etc etc.

I doubt the Dragonmaw Battllemaiden would be picked, she's far too aggressive and focused upon her own Clan. That and the Red Dragon Flight would go "Oh HELL no!" and side with the Alliance just to make sure that the Horde gets leveled before their army gets turned into Dragon-hunting legions.
Garrosh is really Aggra.
In the second phase of the Siege of Orgrimmar, the demon horns fall off and you notice it's true.
Garrosh is Aggra!

Aggra is Ag'gra the Old God of Go'el.

You just reading this has made you legally insane.
Nazgrel i almost for got about him, yeah i'd root for him.
I can be the new warchief!
09/30/2012 09:16 AMPosted by Forbidra
Dont worry. Thrall's summer vacation is almost over,

Blizzard's already stated he won't be warchief again. He has to stay and continue soothing the elements that are still in a tiff after Deathwing ripped all of 'em a new one just so they don't all rise up and we have another elemental invasion. That's gonna take a while to do.

Also: He's head of the Earthen Ring, now. He -has- to stay neutral.

Can he take a break and visit?

Will he be warchief again?
I honestly think it will be Baine. It won't be Sylvannis because of the fact if she ruled, everyone will be Forsaken (meaning undead). She has no care for the living what-so-ever.

My vote though would be Gamon!
Sure, the Forsaken are pretty nasty and Syl is a genocidal psycho but would still be preferable to another orc even though she's the very last choice I'd take even though I'd love to see Forsaken Tauren models in-game. I'd totally play a few. Can't just be only undead humans running around....

"Are you insane?" You may be asking me right now. This is ok and should be expected but there is a method to my madness. Here, let me explain;

As foul as the Forsaken are, they'll never be as bad as orcs. Why? That's because the Orcs have destroyed an entire planet. We've all seen the disaster that they left of Draenor. The Forsaken have just virus-bombed and plagued relativley small parts of Azeroth. They've quite a ways to go before they catch up to the destructivness of orcs.

Let the Horde be commanded by a race that hasn't blown up a planet yet.

I'm quite inpressed with Sunwalker Dezco. I've adopted him as my new Warchief in Pandaria. I've fired Nazgrim.
Also keep in mind if Syl gets picked as Warchief you'll have another end boss to deal with in the next expasion.
after reading the book tides of war it looks like baine would be more likely than vojin. but if either becomes warchief you can remove war in warcraft.
I liked Garrosh as warchief. Of course...Garrosh has an identical personality to mine...I hate people and want to see them all suffer because it makes me happy. >.>
10/01/2012 07:27 AMPosted by Lakami
As foul as the Forsaken are, they'll never be as bad as orcs. Why? That's because the Orcs have destroyed an entire planet. We've all seen the disaster that they left of Draenor. The Forsaken have just virus-bombed and plagued relativley small parts of Azeroth. They've quite a ways to go before they catch up to the destructivness of orcs.

... wat?

If Garrosh wasn't ready to cleave in Sylvanas' skull in, she would have plaguebombed all of EK by now.
They're intentionally doing this.
What happened to Draenor was the cause of manipulation and the seed of corruption being planted. If not for the Legion, the orcs would still be a tribal people in clans, hunting and living without the war with humans.

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