ARRRRH!!! HERRO FREN!!! Scermdergs Recrewren!

Hi my name is Gwar and I like to eat cheese because it makes me poop hard.

Scumdogs is currently recruiting semi-skilled and kinda-experienced players for general awesomeness including (but not limited to) PVP, Arena, RBGs, 5 mans, 10 mans, Leveling, Adult Oriented roleplay in Goldshire, Story night with Gwar, and drinking games in vent.

We have a website, a vent, and several of the guild type ammeneties for ranked members. We've already started 5 mans groups to get ready for the launch of the 10mans, and hopefully we'll be seeing some more members come rolling in soon.

We're currently doing blanket invites (mass recruiting), so there's no need to app as of yet unless you're applying for a ranked spot. Whisper a member for an invite, or, check out our website and say hi!

p.s. no soccermoms, bible thumpers or Johnisms plox. tiks hun!

To learn more about the guild, visit this post on our forums:
So 14 days later we get one app, and it's the guy I told not to apply.
Is that guy me ?

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