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So here I am, trying to get someone to fix my problem.

It has been at least 6 months since I can't post on the forums using my main character, I've tried opening a ticket, but they told me to send an email to
I sent the email, however, I never got a response. Sent the email once again and didn't get an answer either. I tried to be nice, I sent screenshots of the problem, telling blizzard employees that I understood that they were probably busy, that if I had to wait I would wait, I'm a nice guy you know, but 6 months of being unable to post on my main is just too much :( So here I am, posting on my alt, looking for someone to help me with my issue.

I cannot quote posts either, and I had to create this new character to post this thread because it wouldn't let me do it with my lvl 54 either. Sometimes it lets me sometimes it doesn't, it's a pretty weird error.

Edit: Tried posting with my main, gave me the error. Tried posting with a lvl 54, gave me the error, tried posting with a lvl 10, success, but I noticed I was in the wrong forum, So I came to this forum, tried posting with the lvl 10, got the error again, so here I am, posting with a random lvl 1 I had.
Hi Jellyfish, I'm really sorry to hear you've been having issues and that no one has been able to help you.

We're going to get this problem solved, but I need a little bit more information from you. (Please accept my apology if you've answered these questions before)

  • What browser are you using and what version?
  • Have you tried clearing your cache and cookies?
  • Have you tried disabling all your browser plugins/extensions/addons?
  • Are you stuck posting on a character that has been deleted?
Okay, I need to see if there are more errors on the page.

In Chrome, press Shift + Ctrl + I to bring up the Developer tools, then reload the page. If you see any errors when you do that, can you please copy and paste them?

Also, which character is your main? (You can just specify the level)
Hi Jellyfish, an email has been sent to the address registered with your account regarding this issue.

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