Why cant we have an overflow realm?

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why cant we have an overflow realm instead of the que times tbh que times are insane atm just spent 4 hours in a que just to play a game im paying to play and im not changing realms again if they can do cross realm then why cant u put in a que realm? blue post on this would be awesome btw
I'd like a blue post on this as well i see so many threads like this with decent questions bur no answers?
A Blue would be nice but Bliz already got your money, they dont care you cant play. Least it seems that way, Im looking at a 60 Min Que on Frostmourne. Only options they give are wait or transfer to a dead server, even if there was an option to play on another server til yours came up. I could do something like start a panda and have something pop up saying, "FM was open would I like to switch?".

"FM was open would I like to switch?".

YEs please

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