Accidently Released Pet instead of Cage Pet

Pet Battles
Got into a groove and ended up releasing a few pets instead of caging them. Tried to go to WoW's Item restoration, but could not find an option to restore the pets. Any other way to retrieve them? (I.E. opening a ticket..etc.)

Thank you.
Were these non-wild capture pets you released (the pre-existing non-combat pets)? If so, you *may* be able to talk to a stablemaster, as supposedly one of the things they do is retrieve lost pets (I've never used it myself). However, this functionality may be different with the advent of pet battles. Still, might be worth a shot.

If not, I would suggest writing a ticket and hoping for the best.
Hi Phadera,

Thank you for your reply. The stablemaster did not have the pets that were released. Hopefully a ticket to a GM will get this resolved.
Just wondering if you were able to get your pets back. Just before MoP I deleted almost all my duplicate pets. Then when MoP came I found out all the things you can do with duplicates. I am so sad that I am not able to get these pets back. I trid item restoration but cant seem to find them there. I opened a ticket about 5 min ago, I'm hoping they will be able to help, but I'm gonna guess they won't.

Just wondering if you or anyone else has had something similar happen and if you were able to get the pets back some how?

Thanks : )

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