[Bug] The Battle Ring daily quest

Bug Report
STILL bugged, another day and less Golden Lotus rep because this quest is not being fixed.
Broken on Greymane as well.
Bugged/Broken on Kargath
We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.
Just did the quest after the restart. Now, secrets of the guo-lai quest, is still borked though :/
Drilldo, how is it borked? Worked just fine for me.

The turn-in guy did move to Sunset Garrison once, but that's all.
It's borked in that I've done the quest, and the guy is at Setting Sun Garrison, he just has no ? above his head. The ? shows at golden pagoda like it should, just no Leven Dawnblade.
It worked for me after the reset.

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