Leveling 85+ as frost?

The damage seems very poor unless you have FoF procs. I recently leveled a monk to 90 and the damage was probably 2 times better(if not more).

Is this because they have more survivability? Would fire pump out more damage?

I'm not complaining necessarily, the leveling process is fine as frost. I'm just curious as to if fire or arcane would be a little quicker. What'd you guys level as and how manageable was it? (PvE realm so I wont be getting ganked)
most of frosts damage comes from procs, use frost bomb and fire blast glyph for on demand brain freezes. also use both you're freeze you're pets, and you're level 45 talent choice in rotation.

as for it being faster, it really depends on you're gear. Arcane is sightly slower in general, but fire can be faster depending on how high you're crit is.
Gday, i had been leveling a prot pally so my frost mage seemed pretty decent. my rotation when killing monsters for quests goes "frost bolt frost bomb frost bolt X2 then frost bolt goes off doing good damage and you get the frostfire bolt proc and you shoot that off straight away. If he is still alive you use your pets freeze or your frost nova and cast a quick frostbolt/ice lance.

If you cast frostbolt and icelance really quick you can get 2 shatter crits off without the frost nova breaking.

Im new to mage and i really like it :P
I usually pull between 20-25k doing dungeons and that is with me constantly screwing up rotations etc.

Questing is pretty easy until you hit 89-90. Lead with FBolt, FBomb, FBolt x2, (bomb goes off) FFB, any FoF you had proc, Freeze or FNova, Ice Lance. If the mob isn't dead yet either A.) You are taking on a quest miniboss B.) You are gearing wrong. C.) You are facing level 89-90 mobs.

Dungeons are the same rotation for bosses above with CD's thrown in at the correct times though you will probobly lead with FBomb instead of Fbolt. Just remember it's important for your dps to keep your FBolt stacks on the boss, but loss of FBomb timer is a loss of dps due to the high damage explosion and instant cast FFB as if target is frozen.
It's possible, but I'll agree on it just feeling ugh. Was annoying for me, to say the least. Not bad, just annoying.
I am leveling frost, yeah it does feel like it's hitting like a wet noodle, but like most said, just an annoyance, not a game breaker.
Leveling as Frost definitely felt slow. Especially when I looked over at my girlfriend slicing through mobs on her Enhancement Shaman. To be fair, though, she was decked in heroic DS gear, whereas I had ilvl 397 and such. I had switched to fire for half a level somewhere in Townlong Steppes... and it was horrible. It could have been due to having lost all crit with new gear and levels, but wow... survivability was pretty bad as well, as to be expected. I switched back to frost and it definitely was better in comparison, both in terms of DPS and having more crowd control. Some of those zones... you end up fighting like 10 things unintentionally. I get the feeling leveling, with the amount of experience that was required, and the noticeable increase in difficulty with mob's life and damage, felt slow for just about everyone.
I do pretty fine. Open mobs with Frost bomb & pet nova >Frost bolt into lance into deep freeze (do this quickly), then shatter or lance spam the deep.

If deep freeze is on cooldown, open Frostbolt > frost bomb >frostbolt > frost jaw > lance (simultaneous with bomb explosion)

Or just pull huge groups and nova > bomb > orb, spam fof lance and %@!@@%** everything with veins glyph
Frost at towards the end gets rough. Maging in general gets pretty rough though. Some quests just had me seething due to the current high respawn rates making them extremely difficult to solo. Sometimes you just have to eat it and run in and die to finish a quest or two off (I'm looking at you, Dread Wastes underwater cave). This seems to be the case for a lot of classes though. You will get very adept at pet management and kiting again.

My biggest complaint with frost is being forced to use a gylph for your pet, or just live with toggling passive - assist frequently.
not sure about later stuff, but i just finished all the jade forest quests. I also haven't leveled other characters so I can't say how fast/slow I am. However, everything has been fairly easy, i've had no trouble blasting through quest bosses or anything either.

mobs don't hit hard at all, you can generally face-tank stuff w/ icebarrier and chain frostbolt if you want.

my initial rotation, glyph fireblast.
frostbolt, frost bomb, [nova, freeze, or deep freeze], frostbolt, fireblast (causes triple shatter). Finish mob with whatevers. Repeat on next mob.

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