Zan'vess Dailies

You know what really makes questing fun? Low drop rates!

Because nothing breaks up the monotony of mindless grinding like even more mindless grinding.

Update: 50 minutes to complete them today.
What, who doesn't love spending hours and hours each day grinding dozens of dailies to advance each of the dozen new reps?!?!
Ditto with the Klaxxi dailies for looting tongues from Mushan and the pristine eye from the mist lurkers. I thought you guys promised an end to BS drop rates back in Cataclysm.

I'm finding the Klaxxi dailies in general to be very tedious due to the combination of low drop rates and/or spawn rates. The Golden Lotus dailies are fine, as are the Skyrange dailies for the Tillers. I haven't opened up the Shado-Pan and August Celestial dailies, but they were fine on Beta. But many of the Klaxxi dailies are miserable. They need to have spawn rates and drop rates increased significantly.
I don't know if you hotfixed the suck out of these or I just had a run of good luck, but [Brain Food] and [Putting an Eye Out] were much better today. I think I had to kill about half as many mobs for each quest as I did yesterday.

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