Guild Recruiting on Mug'thol-Free Transfers

Hello Illidan players! I myself am a former member of Illidan and completely started to find queue times RIDICULOUS. Blizzard is offering Illidan players to Mug'thol and we would like you to join our new guild. We are World of Warcraft veterans, completely dedicated to what we do. We would like you to join our very experienced PvE players and PvP players. We plan to bring a lot of reputation to Mug'thol and become the best guild there is to offer.

Why would you want to wait 2-8 hours just to log into the game and play for a few hours?
Why would you want to be part of a soon-to-be crashing economy because of the insane amount of people farming mats?

Come join Mug'thol for no queue times, reduced lag and frame rate problems, and a stable, more formal economy.

If you would like to experience Mists of Pandaria to it's fullest just like us, come on over to Mug'thol and send an in-game message to any member part of the guild "Blood Thirsty".

Thanks everyone!

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