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I was leveling up as most warlocks are right now, and a thought hit me. after testing it, a few other thoughts began to swirl in my head. so here's what i figured up.

Enjoy them until Blizzard ooks us in the dooker with a nerf bat when non locks cry foul. Also, if you got an idea post it! I'm eager to learn and I'm sure others are too.

Destruction: finishing an enemy with shadowflame consumes 1 full ember and seems to grant 2 full embers for a net gain of 1 ember. yay! what I like to do when I know I'll be taking out several normal mobs in quick succession solo is build up a 2nd ember, then I open with chaos bolt, whittle em down a little more if needed, then shadowflame to whack an enemy in 2-4 globals and walk away with 2 embers needed to repeat the process. this incredibly bursty and mana efficient method can keep you rolling for a long, long time.

Destruction: vs enough enemies (8+ I think, maybe 6-7 if you got enough crit) using Fire and Brimstone and using incinerate actually gives you more than 1 full ember. also using the aoe immolate and dropping a rain of fire can give you embers fairly nicely too.

GoSac: GoSac: seduce doesn't seem to be on the fear DR.... yet. (which means you can fear something until DR kicks in then seduce it) another thing you can do is use seduce as a trinket muncher. seduce and when they eat their trinket, hit em with fear and laugh at their stupidity.

GoSac: you can spell lock with felhunter, sac em, then use it yourself. fun.

GoSac: Soul Link + shadow bulwark can push your max hp to insane levels. right now I have 170k hp saccing pet puts me at 204k. shadow bulwark puts me at 277k hp. when under attack, who can't use an extra 107k hp? especially when our self heals work on a % of our max health? idiot rogue attacking you? VW disarm, then sac. if your health is running low, shadow bulwark and work some heals and feel the disturbance in the force when he realizes you're healing a whole lot of hp.

Demonic portal may seem like a useless spell, but I'll wager it works VERY well in pvp maps where you need to defend a node. set up your demonic portal near one end of it, someone closes the gap on you, portal. When they close the gap again, step through the gateway. when they close the gap again, step back through. laugh as their blood pressure reaches lethal levels when they realize they just can't seem to stay on you. i'll try it once I have it and either confirm or delete this part if it doesn't work.

If you got something, share it!
I was wonderind aboutt he shadowflame granting 2.

Honestly.. this all seem to be intentional... Thankfully.

We'll see if we get a nerf bat, though. Why not? Always do haha
ok here's a couple more.

Dark regeneration gives you 30% of your total health over 12 seconds. it also boosts healing effects by 25% for that 12 seconds. combine that with a glyphed health stone to recover pretty much all of your hp. 30% + 25% bonus is 37.5% of your hp (+10% for fel armor, not sure how that figures in) then pop glyphed healthstone for 40% + 25% bonus for 50% of your hp (+ fel armor) so that's 77.5% (+ fel armor)

Shadow Bulwark is really a 30% heal and a healing bonus (when you use effects that restore a % of your hp). when you activate it, you get 30% bonus to your max hp and it gives you that much hp. when it wears off, your max hp is reduced but not your current hp (unless you have more than 100% hp left when it wears off)
I doubt I'm the first person to come across these, but through my travels I've picked up the following tricks:

  • When Void-tanking, I seem to recall in 4.x that if you re-summoned the Void, most mobs would instantly turn their attention to you. It was a pleasant surprise to me while fighting a level 90 elite with 4m hitpoints that if I couldn't keep up my heals on the Void to the point he was getting close to dying - I'd resummon, mob just keeps whacking on the almost-dead Void and when timed correctly new Void pops up and picks up where the other left off - no agro on me.
  • Dark Bargain's damage can be mitigated with Twilight Ward
  • Drain Life works on mobs even when they're invulnerable / bubbled. It doesn't steal health from them, but it does provide it to you. I haven't checked recently, but this also worked against the Hunter reflect spell - they take no damage but you can gain some while you wait for the aura to fade.
  • This last one might be less useful, depending - but as a Destro warlock most spells require you to be facing the target, however curse of enfeeblement and curse of elements do not - they also have a ridiculous range. I use these as openers when I need to bring together several groups of mobs who're spread out. Ping each one with a curse, let them all come to you, rain of fire, fire & brimstone + incinerate, shadowfury, etc. I leveled up from 86-87 just by pulling 2-3 groups of wildlife and AOEing my way out.
  • Just ran into this one this morning - speccing with Grimore of Sacrifice + Soul Link gives you a fairly large bump in HP. I went from 280k without Soul Link, to 336k after.
Don't go affliction to level, and definitely don't go affliction + grim of sac.

Yea i'm not sure how i got from 85-90 solely as afflction.

I died a bunch and it sucked horribly.

Go demo or destro for leveling, and have a voidlord out.
We have a lot of percentage of our health based heals. Dark Regeneration, Healthstone, Drain Life, Ember Tap, GoSac HoT, Cauterize Master and maybe a few more that I’m missing. This is what makes Soul Link + GoSac so good, as well as things like Battlemaster’s trinket/Saccing a Void and using Shadow Bulwark viable options.

For Destro, killing pets and things that are easily killed is an easy way to get quick embers with Shadowburn. Also, if possible, try to use Havoc when you are able to Shadowburn – you can do some pretty quick burst without casting this way. I dueled a mage and killed him almost instantly by getting his 3 mirror images in execute range, Havocing the mage and doing a Shadowburn to each of his images.
When fighting rare spawns (up to 91) with your voidlord as tank, consider using your SBurn with Heathfunnel. It's enough of a heal to permanently keep your pet at max health while you quite comfortably refresh your dots as needed. Throw in a bit of DSoul from time to time to give you an extra gem. Zero stress rare killing. :)
Here's another for the PvP'ers, Mortal Coil will still work on a Warrior even when he's immune to fear.

as a demon lock when you go into meta or DA forms your curses become auras. aura of the elements lasts 2 minutes and curses everything in 20 yards of you (might work with Mannoroth's fury, or might not, i'll find out at 90 if no one else confirms)

Use aura of the elements with curse of enfeeblement to have 2 curses on an enemy.
Shadowfury can be used to stun an enemy just out of line of sight. Just place the reticule as close to the offending wall as possible and the area effect should still catch them.

If you spec KJC and glyph your eye of killrogg you can place your portals without cancelling your eye. Furthermore, if you are within range of your portal you can also port to it without leaving the viewpoint of the eye.
-Even as GoSac, always start a duel with a melee with your void out and not sac'd. When you get opened on by the rogue, charge/shockwave stunned by the warrior or fist of fisting by the retadurr your void can disarm him. Then you can sacrifice him because you'll need it later.

-Once you get to extremely low HP (I try to be around 5-10%) use Shadow Bulwark (from voidsac) before you pop your glyphed HS + Dark Regen and you will most likely heal through any burst.
-Shadow Bulwark stacks with a warrior's Rallying Cry, so stack that HP up! I had over 360k at level 85.

-Although probably not good for arena matches, you can put Unending Resolve, Dark Bargain, Healthstone and Dark Regen into a macro and use it in a single global cooldown.

-Don't use your succubus for GoSac because it is pointless and Blizzard obviously implimented it as a joke.

Edit for super secret fix-incoming troll trick. While dueling in Durotar, I found I was able to Havoc my enemy, and though the icon didn't appear after the duel ended, once I happily casted a Dark Soul + Trinketed chaos bolt onto a rabbit the person got hit with it and died. He may have won the battle, but he most definitely lost the war.
10/03/2012 03:26 AMPosted by Tróncat
Edit for super secret fix-incoming troll trick. While dueling in Durotar, I found I was able to Havoc my enemy, and though the icon didn't appear after the duel ended, once I happily casted a Dark Soul + Trinketed chaos bolt onto a rabbit the person got hit with it and died. He may have won the battle, but he most definitely lost the war.

This reminds me of those days of dropping infernals on friendly duelers and killing em.

-Don't use your succubus for GoSac because it is pointless and Blizzard obviously implimented it as a joke.

actually, given that GoSac seduce is on a different DR from fear (or it is from my testing on other players) you can alternate fear and seduce to lock down, say, a healer, for an irritatingly long time if no one tries to stop you. it has its uses.
glyph of demon hunting + harvest life + glyphed healthstone is amazingly effective at aoe farming. almost tank-like tanking, hand of gul'dan, fel/wrathstorm, immolation aura and life drains, along with a big self heal works well... just don't do it in a dungeon or you'll hurt the pride of the person who queued as a tank.
As demonology you have 2 punts. succubus' Whiplash and Carrion Swarm. if used right, in the right situations (like fighting over the flag in eye of the storm or fighting at the lumber mill in Alterac valley) you can remove 1 or more people from the fight by knocking them off a cliff.

it can also be used to interrupt casting.

EDIT: you can double punt them for better distance, use whiplash followed by a carrion swarm (mannoroth's fury gives it better range)

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