engineering kinda making me sad

ive been an engineer a long, long time. I have enjoyed it, there are all sorts of fun things you can do with it. the problem is it is worthless for anything more than fun.

this is how it goes every expansion, you train and level and sell your coolest tradeable item. Things like the gnomish army knife in previous expansions, in this one the dragonling trinket. since there are no pattern drops, everyone else is selling it too, so it quickly becomes worthless.

You take forever to get the mats but you finally craft your goggles, you go on one raid and replace them.

Have no fear! cogs are here!... i can only use them in the goggles i replaced. oh wait! they can be put in the dragonling! oh wait, the dragonling will get replaced real quick for something with primary stat boosts.

i can sell pets, after a week of farming, assuming i dont want it myself, or have a need for the spirits in 6 other recipes.

i can glide! a useful escape from a gank or too many mobs and a cliff is near. I used the flexweave a lot in boss fights that would knock me in the air, but the CD is wayyyy longer than the flexweave and lets not forget flexweave leaves you right where you were standing which is good in a raid, the glider on the other hand will have you half a mile away if you're not careful.
the landshark is fun, does good enough damage but the CD doesnt start in combat and it ties up your potion CD to boot, that is not good.

so basically my issue is there are a lot of good things with bad side effects, and a lot of things that will be replaced way too quick to be of any use, and making it worse is the fact that we rarely get better items to replace them with. There are no patterns to farm for through drops or rep so we all have the same exact stuff and cant offer anything unique, all engineers offer the same thing which makes everything we have eventually tank in value.

I did hear we get control of the only AH in pandaria... i have to ask, so what? we get a smaller, less used auction house? it isnt even more convenient, i dont know about everyone but i still imagine most people hearthing to SW/Org or mailing their stuff to a bank alt parked in from of the AH. It isnt like there will be anything exclusive on the engineering AH. If there were no one could get it anyway because someone would create a bot the buy it the second it became available then resell it for 100 times what it cost.
The trouble is that engineering is so much fun that if it were also practical, everyone would be doing it.

And it's useful for non-monetary purposes. I have three different teleportation devices in addition to my hearthstone, a portable mailbox, a mote extractor, and a set of pervert glasses.
Never would I ever drop engineering. It's too much fun and I love the glove tinkers.
The best part is creating my own little popup town in the wilderness when fishing on an island or something. Drop the Anvil, MOLL-E, Jeeves and I have everything I need from a town except an AH.
Lols. I'm walking around with a couple of anvils, jeeves and Moll-e; Then I forget I have them and hearth somewhere...

I was excited that I could make the big game hunter gun right away! Then less excited that a blue weapon you get from a quest, in the intro zone, is much better. I was lucky to be able to sell the 2nd one I made for 500 gold (I think the guy who bought it thought it was worth much more, though blue weapons better than it were on the AH for around 600 gold.)

Yeah, I like the updated synapse springs.

I've made the 87 level trinket, but can't use it yet.
I will also make the new head item, as soon as I get
the stuff for it.

I really want to make the rocket mount. I like how its finally an item that is goblin or gnome, with different models. The materials are incredibly nuts, though.

The myst-piercing goggles seem like a neat idea; The fact that I still don't have the harmony things to make them, for my Dk herb/miner, is lame.

I also like being able to blow up my own locked boxes, but I've not encountered any yet in this expansion. Are there any?
10/01/2012 05:40 AMPosted by Kybeorie
I also like being able to blow up my own locked boxes, but I've not encountered any yet in this expansion. Are there any?

Yes, there are Ghost Iron Lockboxes, and they can be unlocked with the new powderkegs. : )
do we get new engineer goggles in this expansion? if so can anyone link.
yes engineering is fun but the things you guys listed are all part of the problem. i love having jeeves, my teleporters (4 over all), mail box etc. but these are all one and done items. many require engineering so i have no one to sell them to, and those that dont require it the market is so saturated they sell for 1/3 the cost to make them. the excitement wears off in a month or so and you are left with some handy items but you also spend the rest of the expansion, roughly 18 months, with a profession that you dont get to ever do anything with.
If you're looking for profit, you're in the wrong boat. More like a big hole in your pocket, lol. Glove tinkers alone pay for the whole prof. Having the option to activate them to scale GREATLY with other cooldowns is the best aspect of it imho. I also can't count the times my nitro boosts got me out of crappy situations.
Engineering-only Auctioneer in Pandaria is a luxury.

Easy access to my bank is proving even more useful with the explosion of useful items this expansion.

Nitro boost malfunction has helped me at least three times (two intentionally).

I love having extra teleports for getting to various places.

Prior expansion tinkers are still available too. If you like the shorter-cooldown parachute, go ahead and use that instead -- it just uses a tinker's kit.
Engineering needs lots of help in some areas. But even if they got rid of what is likely going to be the best hand enchant in game(springs) I would still be an engineer.

Why? because its a cool profession and cool is the only thing that matters.
The belt tinker that throws a cobalt frag bomb now scales with your level too. An aoe stun/interrupt on a 1 min cd and super burst aoe damage? Yes please.
I like engineering. Always have, always will. I'll never drop it.

That said, I'm disappointed with the return of cogwheels. They go in 2 pieces of gear that will be quickly replaced and... That's it. What's the point?

It also feels like we could use more recipes this expansion. But I digress.
It makes me sad too..i have to get it on every alt character i start playing and level it up to 550
I don't know about others, but since MoP, I have been making more money than ever with my engineer... Basically, on my server, the Ghost Iron Dragonling sells quite easily and all the different Tinker's Gear also sell very good...

Although I had taken engineer for the fun of it originally, now I am glad to be finally making money easily with it.

But as many have said, you do tend to take this profession for the fun of it, not the money.

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