10M HC -- 7:30p-11:00p PST -- LFM Heals/DPS

Guild Recruitment
Morning ya'll
Bump for Pro Shadow Priest and Mage dps!
Still need an amazing Shadow Priest and Mage DPS for Monday and starting next week!
How far have you guys progressed in the new raid so far?
3/6 with a 7man pull on kings (got almost to the 3rd king with only 7 of us lawl), need some impressive Range DPS to fill in some gaps!
LFM Amazing players who are both thirsty and can bring it.
Hi, Mage DPS / SPriest!
Good luck in MoP.
LFM Pro Range dps, Mage, Spriest, etc!
Ello, still need pro SPriest/Mage for tonights raid! Going 5/6 minimum and finishing WotE over next couple days. HM next week, let's go!
LFM, at work atm so respond to this thread or PM me on our forums!
Need amazing DPS as of last week! Our core is quite disappointed we didn't clear 6/6 first week and DPS issues need to be addressed immediately.

We are also looking for a strong HYBRID Heal/DPS specialist. Monk or Shaman will be the ideal class for this hybrid role.
Added class needs to OP and restructured a bit.
Bumpity bump

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