Bleeding Hollow
Hey fellow members of bleeding hollow! I am apart of Pajama Party, and we are currently recruiting active memembers. We have a 10 M raiding group as well, and we need some dps and a tank. We are extremely chill people, but we do take raiding seriously and plan on tearing it up starting Tuesday. Our raiding times are 11 pm - 2 (server time) and we defintiely raid starting Tuesday nights. Then we will make a fixed schedule based on what works for everyone and stick to it. If you are interested please leave a comment here, or contact me in game. Some other names to contact in game are: Udeadbruh, Whysomad, Roflgryffin, Burgess, and Drdisco. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Your Raid times are PERFECT! I just got an awesome new desktop that is badass and I LOVE RAIDING! I am moving to Bleeding Hollow this week and am ready to raid!

I will contact you in game and my real id is AlexanerMcD#1338

I can't find any other guild on the GREAT Server of Bleeding Hollow that raids later than 9:00 CST or 10:00 EST so PLEASE YOU HAVE TO LET ME IN YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED! I GET !@#$%^ WHEN I DOWN BOSSES!
Are you guys in need of a healing priest at all?
I love the name and wish I could meet raid times to join.

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