looking to buy a new keyboard...

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The one I have is simple, inexpensive, and great quality. it has worked amazingly until recently. I'd like to find a keyboard that can control windows media player without having to tab out. I don't want a super expensive keyboard with special WoW buttons. I just want a good one that can stand up to gaming and not wear out after a month... (the last keyboard I tried to buy... piece of sh*t...). I won't really want to spend more than $30 USD, but if it'w worth it I'll consider going over.

ANYWAY, any suggestions would be very helpful and appreciated. :)
No one has an opinion? not even a troll? o.o
There isn't much difference in the under-$30 range. Everyone ships the same keyboard with rubber keys, just pick the key configuration you like the most.
I really dunno whats a decnet keyboard for 30 dollars, cheapest gaming keyboard ive seen was like 50 dollars USD

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