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Seeing as I'm sitting here, waiting for my plasmapheresis to complete, I have a question.

I'm a mistweaver monk. I have 2 cloth heirlooms. If i were to heal your dungeon, would it matter if I was wearing cloth? I've gotten mixed responses in the dungeons.
Can you keep the tank alive as long as he pulls smart and at a reasonable pace?

If the answer is yes then I wouldn't care if you were a bare bear. Some people are just picky. As nerfed as the classic instances are gear shouldn't be an issue.

If not then I might care a bit more.
Can you keep the tank alive as long as he pulls smart and at a reasonable pace?

If the answer is yes then I wouldn't care if you were a bare bear. Some people are just picky. As nerfed as the classic instances are gear shouldn't be an issue.

If not then I might care a bit more.
1) I like to think I'm a competent healer

2) mistweaver healing is barney style easy
If you keep me alive and don't make me activate my defensive cooldowns every other trash group, sure. Go on.
At level 50, you get a bonus for wearing leather.

Only time that mixing heirloom things is ever really an issue is when it's a warrior tank in cloth heirlooms over 50.
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I'm a mistweaver monk. I have 2 cloth heirlooms.

So far from what I understand it doesn't make as big of a difference at lower levels (which you still are). I'm not sure how much of a stat difference it will start to make as you get higher. It certainly wouldn't hurt to 'need' on a few leather dungeon drops as you level and see for yourself if it really makes much of a difference.

Though truth be told so many players have self healing abilities that there's really only so many fight you're truly 'needed'.
I've had full cloth mistweavers all the way up to level 78 so far and it hasn't been even remotely detrimental.
No, it wouldn't matter at all. It's the stats that matter, and even then people in different heirloom stat types from their spec have done okay in my experience. Some classes need to pick up different armor types for upgrades also. When I tried leveling an hpal I remember only finding upgrades in cloth or leather for a long while (in dungeons).
Thanks for the input everyone. Those dbags in the pugs I have been getting put a real damper on my mood lately.

<3 for everyone!
Can you keep the tank alive? If not then it will be a problem.
For leveling healers, I don't necessarily mind. Its those leveling tanks wearing heirloom gear that get on my nerves.
You can Mistweave, but can you Fistweave???

An, no, it doesn't matter, so long as you not getting clocked. Leather would give you a bit more stability there.

Personally I am right in the fray, so I chose leather because I take a whack every now and then, I also PvP.

Can't help it, I like a good frackus.
Until the armor specialization kicks in, it doesn't really matter. Once you get specialization, though, you might to compare the stat bonus from wearing all leather to the stats on your heirlooms.
Considering vanilla has nearly no intel items aside from cloth, No, I wouldn't care. Up until you get the whole 'wear your armor type' boost near the high 70s-80s, there isn't an issue aside from having less armor. And you shouldn't be taking damage anyway while healing.

Tanks are a problem for this reason.
As mostly everyone has said, so long as you're doing your job, it's fine.

Hell, you could be wearing a pink tu-tu and reciting Hamlet while dancing the Flamingo, and so long as everyone is still alive, it's all gravy.


BRB seeing if there's any pink leather 'skirts' in the game.
Since you are leveling, the cloth doesn't matter even when you miss out on the 5% intellect boost, as long as you can keep the tank alive.

If you are even semi-capable, that should be pretty easy and still make you better than half the random pug derp healers!

It does help if you keep the rest of your gear up to date and possibly go for the whole "easy epic stats from PvP gear with cheap chants/wotlk gems" though >>

But yeah, screw others and don't sweat it too much (once again, while you are leveling! Once you hit max level you should ditch them pronto).
If you did not have cloth looms you would be wearing cloth anyway. Up untill about 38 I was wearing cloth, I still have one piece. Blizzard is VERY set in their ways that the only way a leather wearing class should level is agi dps. Period. Your sacks from randoms will almost always be agi, so will a lot of your quest rewards. If you do find leather it is not quite on par with the agi/stam stuff you could get at the same level. Even though three specs, resto/oomkin and mistweaver monks, use caster leather it can be hard to find. Also as you go up in levels you can simply use the stuff you get from your monk only quests.

However as someone pointed out healing is almost a sleepwalk. Channel your main heal and pop out an instant other spell every now and again and your good.

I think it would be almost scary how fast a totally loomed out monk with a guild bonus and enlightenment would level. 90 in a day maybe? =p
Wouldn't care, really. Long as you can keep me up, you're fine.

Now, DPS keeping taunt on their pets, facepulling all of creation, and using their own taunt/high threat abilities...as a proud brewmaster tank, I am quite QUITE disappointed in this kind of behavior.

I don't care if pet taunting won't result in a wipe. It's a bad habit to get comfortable with, and my high-level tank senses flare up when it happens regardless.

...oh, we're still talking about healers in cloth heirlooms.

Five words;






Unless you're just using the guild-bought ones. Then it's...fifteen?

I droned on too much. Anyway, intell cloth gear is fiiiine, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. So relax, have a cup of tea, and spam that one button you need to keep me (or whoever is tanking) alive till late Cata dungeons.

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