Remove taunting from stampede pets..

10/02/2012 02:50 PMPosted by Revamp
But then it dies :/, and I have to rez it. And the gap isnt as big.

Heart of the Pheonix is a one click self rez with full health.
I manually cycled through all of my pets and turned off growl for stampede.
Never taunted a boss again.
Do you guys have combat logs showing that the summoned pets used Growl? When I tested this, whichever summoned pet was the last to use their Bite, Claw, or Smack ability was the one that had aggro, because that pet had just done the most damage. I certainly can test again, but our experiences are not lining up.

I will video it if you don't believe it. I see 5 growl debuffs show up on target and the mob starts targetting my pet copies which is seen on target of target.

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