No Dead Flying Mounts in Pandaria?

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They seemed to remove it as just another stupid time sink, what we really should be asking is why did they remove it? what was the benefit ?

Same with HGWT they just want to slow us down so we cant get things done as fast as we did before.
^^ x-x They seem to have designed all the graveyards and .. content around the guild perk (100%, not the 10% crap that is in place now) and... then nerfed it without being willing to either add more graveyards, or at least give us the good mount speed when dead or Flight x-x
11/28/2012 06:04 PMPosted by Jamalia
If there are problems with specific locations or graveyards that's not allowing you to do that, let us know.

So, you guys can't figure out that if you need to fly/fall to get somewhere, you can't get there on foot?

I'm AMAZED. I'm sorry for this, really.... but, "We don't want to have to figure stuff out ourselves, we rely on paying subscribers to do our work for us".

This ^
spirit walking would not be so bad if it had not been nerfed
All zones should have dead flying.
Instead of a dead flying mount why doesn't Blizzard just give us a form of zen flight when we die? Either that or have a ghostly cloud serpent for us to ride on, that would be very epic and give players a lot less frustration when they die in Pandaria. Not only that but it would create more enthusiasm for the game which seems to be rapidly declining lately. I realize Blizzard wanted to bring us "back to the basics" with the whole ground mount only until 90 thing and I liked that idea, but forcing us to take resurrection sickness whenever we die in a flying mount accessible only area is very cruel to the players and is a design flaw in the game right now. If we could see this implemented in patch 5.2 it would be a welcome relief to the player base.
The intention was to allow players to spirit walk back to their bodies in Pandaria. If there are problems with specific locations or graveyards that's not allowing you to do that, let us know.

I can forward that information to the developers for further review.

How about giving us spirit gryphons if we die to anything except world bosses? There are quite A LOT of places to die out of walking reach and it is very frustrating. Just fix the problem instead of asking for specific locations, there will always be more locations.
Just got isnta killed up my Brann right after hitting 90, as if paying 2500 for flying wasn't bad enough I have to get rez sickness.
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'nuff said.

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