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Took me twelve seconds, lazy git.

Lol I wasnt exactly looking under monk specific addons, nor on wowinterfface. But thank you, seems exactly what I was looking for.

Again, personal preference. I like to know when my procs are available, its not needed but it has its uses. Dont like it? Dont use it and dont comlpain that its useless knowledge.

Edit: Tao doesnt work. It shows the icd like once then never shows it again. I got needtoknow instead, but no idea how to set it up with particular thing since it doesnt give a buff or debuff
10/02/2012 07:02 AMPosted by Amaranthe
I got needtoknow instead, but no idea how to set it up with particular thing since it doesnt give a buff or debuff
When you first log in with NeedToKnow, the bars should be showing by default.

Right-click a bar for the option menu and here you can choose what to track (even a spell ID will work), what kind of spell to track (buff, debuff, internal cooldown, etc.), who to track (player, target, etc.) and even what color the bar will be.

In the actual Interface menu where all your addons are, you can select how many bars you want to use, the background color, font and bar texture.

[edit]: to show the bars for configuration or to hide them when you're done, type /ntk.
due to energy capping, i get more dps using ascension, been testing them both but having 5 max chi > 1 extra chi proc every 20s because i always cap out chi, it's better to do that then cap energy and lose dps (aka rogue style). you always want to use ur energy, when it hits 100 u lost dps, it's very easy for this to happen with both mastery procs at once and a power strike when u have 0 chi as now you can't jab again as you waste a chi...
i just got to level 45... took Power Strikes... i have NO IDEA how to generate the supposed Chi Sphere... i get Chi up to max (4) and then try to hit Jab again and... nothing... no difference... no 'sphere'...

yes the first Jab generates 2 Chi... but other than that, it seem broken to me...

should the Chi Sphere be VISIBLE? i'm about to give up on it and take the 5 Chi option...

UPDATE: ok... figured it out... you have to get to full Chi AND it has to be the Jab that generates 2 Chi that takes 20 seconds to count down... that's ridiculously too complex to work in... i'm dropping it and going to 5 Chi... :)
This isn't possible. A PS proc that pushes you over the Chi limit will spawn a Chi orb that grants you one Chi when you pick it up.

There is absolutely no reason to track it.

Your making it far more complicated than it has to be. if you want that .00001% dps then go for it. Meanwhile I'll ask my rogue buddy to tricks me and get more DPS than that.

Thing is, I don't want you to confuse the newbi monks over trivial things.
There are already more than enough arbitrary things in the game that need to be kept track of in order to do "well". I will do very well all the same regardless of whether or not I countdown this one cooldown to the millisecond. But it seems like more of a class issue than anything else.

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