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Hey guys

So I figure with MoP- this is a good chance to level up a new character (The Pandaren being the race of choice, due to its very recent release). However- leveling 'alone' or without a very close guild can be rather boring- or perhaps at times just doesn't leave me with the sense of Role Playing that other RPGs might...

Anywho- I'm trying to put together a small group (anywhere from 1 to 5 people, not counting myself) to Quest with and to Roleplay with as we level up.

My idea is- We would all roll our characters- and begin our journey on The Wandering Isle- quest through the Pandaren starting area- and then as a group decide if we go Horde or Alliance.


While I'm some what flexible- the optimal 'playing time' for me would be 9 pm till 2 am, Monday through Thursday. (I'm not really available much Friday, Saturday, and Sunday- though Fridays can be flexible if needed).

Let me know if you'd happen to be interested in this!
Drop a message here- or send some mail to Scott in game.
Bump for... still looking? :D
Not related, but kudos in the name. How long have you been holding onto that one? lol
Hey, I don't know if you're still interested in this, but I've been wanting to be in one of these kind of leveling-RP groups for a while, rolling a Pandaren. I might have a friend that wants to join if you decide to start this. I'm very eager to RP-Quest as I've never done this before and it could add a great bond and RP feel to an otherwise rather boring activity (questing, that is).

I want to ask just in clarification that this is a roleplay, right? I focus a lot of Roleplaying, and, while I wouldn't necessararily be /emoting everything I say I would certainly want a lot of communication In-Character while we quest.

Please get back to me as I am very interested!

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