Hel's Companion Pet Daycare Service

Give me 25K and any of your pets and I will level it up to level 25.

Where did this come from?
There is a "daycare" in pokemon. You drop your pokemon off and it levels up while you are away.

I promise a max of a 72 hour turn around. If I cannot meet this promise I will not make the deal. Furthermore, if I fail to meet this deadline, I will return your pet at whatever level I did manage to get it to, along with your full payment.

Reasons to trust me:
1) I'm raider and getting banned would piss people off.
2) I hate leveling to 90. A lot.
3) I will post the full details of the deal in this thread before you hand me your pet and gold. This allows for an easy record to point to.

-If you cannot trust me, I recommend not doing this. There are a lot of scammers in WoW, so I do not blame you.

We will follow this to the letter so that there is a full record in this thread. This is so you know exactly what you agreeing to and have the timeline clear defined.

Step 1:
Post in this thread and say "I have a XXXXX and would like it to be leveled by you."

Step 2:
I will reply in this thread with: "I will level your XXXXX to level 25. If you give me 25,000 gold and your pet by mm/dd/yy hh:mm MST, then I will return it to you fully leveled by mm/dd/yy hh:mm MST. If I am unable to level it, I shall still return the pet to by the designated time and give you a full refund. Trading me your pet and gold is an agreement to these terms."

Step 3: (Do not proceed to this step until I have done step 2. It is for your safety.)
Mail the pet to me with your payment before the agreed time. My character name is: HEL
You must send me both the pet and the gold. If I only receive one then I'm going to send it back.

Step 4:
I level your pet

Step 5:
I return your pet by the deadline. (In most cases I will probably finish early)
So let me get this right. You want us to leave our rare pets in some cases worth upward of 300k, In a compete strangers hands while you level our pet, AND we give you 40k on top of that with 0 promise or solid ability to get out pets back if you decide to screw someone?

Sounds legit.

Good luck to those who go with this "idea" -cough scam cough-

Fligurexo: What you just read was the mad rantings of someone completely hopped up on sleeping pills.

Nexica: It's kind of garbbled up in there, but the idea was the have a complete record of the deal on the forums so you could get me banned if I did scam you.

edit: There. The post should make 100% more sense.
Xanax is a benzodiazepine and Percocet and OxyContin are actually opiods! Just sayin' bud!

All my favorite pals are here!

Also, will you give me any eggs you discover from my Pok- err, battle pets? I like to ride my bike around holding eggs.
jokes aside the idea to pay a vendor for pet leveling with a wait period is a pretty good idea, i am going to put it in the suggestion thread i made the other day and give credit to the op

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