Need some help with questions

Death Knight
1. Does the undead racial have an internal CD? Is it worth race-changing to UD as a PVP DK?

2. Does my pet proc my rune-forged engraving?

3. Is rolling blood good for unholy PVP?

4. Am I right when I assume that BB is best for large groups of mobs?

5. Is haste good for both frost and unholy? If so, can I just stack haste items and keep tanking as blood with them until I pick up 85-90 tanking gear?

6. Is blood even remotely pvp viable? (fav spec)

7. Are we using Justice POints still in MoP? Will running instances pay off in the long-run?
1) Yes, depends on how much you're willing to spend for minimal benefit.
2) No
3) It's not bad. It's free damage with Pestilence, basically.
4) Yup. No single target fights.
5). 2H frost and Unholy. DW I believe favors Mastery, but I could be wrong as I'm not a big fan of DW and so don't pay attention to it. And stacking Haste might work in the level 85 Pandaria dungeons, but the level 87 ones are actually a bit more difficult.
6) Haaaah nope. Maybe as a flag carrier, but that's pushing it.
7) Sort of. Justice points can be used after you unlock the vendors by doing a rep grind. Unfortunately, the JP gear is 450 ilevel and heroics gear is 463, so by the time you unlock the JP vendors you'll probably already have better gear. Combine that with there being no regular trade goods vendor you can use your JP on, it ends up being kind of worthless.

Another tip: To gear up for heroics, don't run instances. Bad idea. Mogu'shan palace drops 450 ilevel gear, so that's really the only one you should consider but even then it's not so hot. The arena scenario gives you a pretty good weapon, so keep that in mind. Otherwise for getting the 440 ilevel, you're gonna want to do all your questing in the Dread Wastes.

Have fun.

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