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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hello All !

We are a group of five friends who have raided together since bc, we achieved nearly everything in wrath and faded out at the start of Cata.

We are forming again on Jubei'Thos server and are looking to recruit !

We are currently looking for

1x Druid / War Tank
1x melle dps ( rogue / feral druid ) have a ret / holy pally already and dk tank .
2x healers, prefer priest / druid / shaman
1x ranged dps, prefer boomy / lock / ele sham.

We raid weds/thurs/sun 5-8 pm st, and will be changing to 6-9 pm st after daylight savings.


You can make our raid times 90% of the time
You gem / spec/ glyph / enchant correctly
You have 2x raiding professions (mining on a mage is not one of those !!!)
You have a mic and you use it on vent !
you set a standard for your class

for the first few weeks we are not to worried about your current gear aslong as you progress and ease into a nice gemmed / enchanted set and can use it....

For any other details please simply add me ingame my Btag is Stizzle#1706

Thankyou for your interest goodluck in MOP !!!
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Hey Theft, Was referred from my LF guild thread.
I wouldn't think a transfer to Jubei was out of the question, started there back in vanilla.
Unfortunately the raid times are a bit early for me, 6pm ST is just as I get home from work and the kids need bathing, feeding and usually a can of 'shut the hell up'

Thanks for the offer and wish you luck.
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