Frost or Unholy PvP and how to do it right

Death Knight
so im tossing up between specs for pvp and i am also fairly new to death knight pvp and wanted to make sure im doing things right aswell.

what do you guys think will be the dominant pvp spec? i can see it swinging either way really and being up to preference but i have heard arguments either way. frost's damage is great atm and unholy can keep good pressure, but i feel resource starved a bit.

i also wanted to check i have the right idea of how to go about playing each spec. for frost i usually get diseases up with outbreak, necrotic strike twice, use olbilterate on a killing machine proc if possible, frost strike to dump RP ect.. when neither killing machine nor rime is up should i be spamming howling blast or using obliterate?

for unholy i usually open with chains of ice and then plague strike, saving my outbreak, but not always. then ill festering strike twice to get death runes going and then scourge strike and death coil till i can use dark transformation.

i feel that unholy lacks power though and im just sort of sitting on a target annoying them and not really doing much damage at all and although i know i shouldnt be having too much of a problem, i find it hard to shut down healers. i know unholy is about pressure but i feel that i just annoy a target untill enough time has passed that they die.

also take in mind i wont be pvping competitively, mainly just BGs and a few friendly arenas

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