Jinyu rares

I'm just wondering if anyone has found a way to deal with Jinyu rares. Torrent is supposed to be interrupted or it kills you. You can Silence it the first time, soak it with Dispersion the second time, Silence again the third, but then they're both on cooldown and you die.

I was able to kill the Jinyu in the Dread Wastes by using the Klaxi buff that encases you in amber when you die. That let me deal with the fourth Torrent. But what do you do with Jinyu rares in other zones? I know Psychic Scream doesn't work, and I don't think Psychic Horror works, but I may have screwed up casting that.

Anyone have any advice here?
Have you tried letting your pet take the hit? Throw your sfiend/mindbender out, fade about when he should be casting it (always seems like it's after a rain dance :x) or something?
I hadn't thought of that. That'll take some very good timing though. You'd have to cast shadowfiend then fade just before he begins casting.
You can do what Kyllie said, plus at least some of the time you don't even have to Fade if you do it with Void Tendrils. A (full) Power Word: Shield plus (glyphed) Vampiric Embrace and Desperate Prayer might also let you survive one. If you're willing to get a little crazy it's also worth noting that the damage Torrent does is based on your maximum health, which means that it's easier to heal through the less stamina you have.
Jinyu rares are actually one of the easiest to deal with. The only ones I have a problem with are pandas because their heal is for so much and seems to be on a shorter CD than Silence, not to mention that also leaves me to tank Chi Blast.

Dodge the water blast. I think Torrent is interruptable with silence, regardless of what the cast bar looks like, but I don't remember. If not, I've been tanking them with PW:S (I'm almost never below full health against rares) and sometimes Dispersion. If you use Void Tendrils on CD on them, they tend to cast at the tendrils instead of you. You can also Void Shift your Tendrils if necessary.

Void Tendrils = #1 rare soloing tool.
Mogu sorcerers have been the easiest for me so far. I expect to be face-to-face with a rare panda once the maintenence is over so I'll see how that goes I guess.

Void tendrils huh? Do they taunt?
I don't think so, but the mobs still seem to behave like they have at times. I don't think of it as taunting so much as inspiring stupidity in their victims.
The jinyo rare I killed in dread wastes last night. for the torrents I silenced the first one, dispersioned the second and the third one I potted, shielded with renew and used VE to heal through the damage, came out of it a bit over 50% by then he was nearly dead.

As for the Pandaren rare I come across, face tank the melee hits, run away when he uses the whirlwind kick, silence on the heal. I've only been hit by chi blast when I was out of melee range. I didnt get to kill him though because I accidently pulled another mob that stunned me and I got killed and some alliance rogue had engaged him as i run back from the graveyard.

Just to add, if you havn't tried, the jinyu mobs are immune our fears, not sure on the pandaren rares.
They're all immune to fear and the ones I've tried it on have been immune to PH.

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