free 90 dagger quest


I made a post yesterday where to find good daggers cuz i wanted to start playing something either than combat.

After you've dinged 90 and been to seven swords and you got your ability to be able to ride your flying mount, head up to KUN-LAI SUMMIT and go to the TEMPLE OF THE WHITE TIGER...

there will be a quest there, accept it... then go to find a group, but instead of heroic or raid pic scenario and select the quest you got... It's called "*forgetword*of assassination" something like that

Arena of Annihilation

It is both a quest name and a scenario name. It is the new "ring of blood" for the expansion.

Unfortunately, there is no new meta for completing this new addition to the series.
THANKS! I can't find anything to get rid of this Legendary Dagger. And the 3 lvl 90 Daggers are absorb to obtain. 1 from BS, another from an Epic (HA!), and the other is from the Gate of Shattering Sun, which I have yet to see drop.
The 437 daggers you get from questing should be about when you upgrade.

You can see which ones I wearing. Yes, that is assuming lost enchants and gems.

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