lf scroll tichondrius horde

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Thanks in advance
Plese use the sticky up above for this purpose.
... also, remove your email address from this thread. It's not a safe habit to include it in a public forum and isn't needed to send a scroll to you.
posted in there
forum pls i needz
10/02/2012 08:11 AMPosted by Dcn
forum pls i needz

Give it some time. I don't think bumping a thread that should of been deleted is going to help you, unless you're looking for a ban. Keep an eye on the sticky. Someone already offered to give you one already in there, thats why you were told to use the sticky. And why are you giving out your email when all people need is your character and server name? Giving out your email is basically giving out half your account information.
I've sent one.
can you send one my way, for horde tich
can you send one my way, for horde tich

You are not eligible for one. You have account activity as of a few hours ago, you also have account activity from may of this year AND July of last year. All three of those dates are WELL after the cutoff date for the SoR. ANY gametime on your account after march 4th of 2012 (that's LAST year) disqualifies you for the SoR promotion. Even the MoP free trial and the random "7 days of free gametime" promotions that Blizzard randomly sends out will both disqualify you.

Also, even if you were eligible, you're not going to get one in this random necroed thread. You'd need to post in the sticky thread labeled "Scroll of Resurrection requests" near the top of this forum. That's where all the people who wish to give out SoR's go to, there's links from other places on this site (including the SoR information page) that point directly into that one thread. They never see the rest of the threads in this forum on their way to that one, AND they hardly ever venture outside that thread into the rest of this forum.

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