Cant install MoP?

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For a few days now,I go to install MoP, and when I try to install, it goes to the launcher, and installs 0.1% every hour.

I did a clean install from Cataclysm so ATM an hour ago, I'm at 4.0 NOT the current version because i've been inactive for some time now.

I don't have the option to download 15gb worth of material, because my current internet options don't allow that much bandwidth.

I must ask, why include the disk if there's nothing to install from it? Seems like a waste=/

Please help!

For what its worth yesterday I did a clean install using the 2 MoP DvDs and it got to 0.5% on both discs before downloading the rest of the game which is about 1.5GBs. Then at that time it started to say the % got normal, like 1%, 50%, and eventually to 100%. It took about an hour and a half to install from the discs, and then about the same time to download 1.5GBs.

So what I am saying is, at least for me when installing using the discs when it says "0.1, 0.2%" that is actually progress, not the lack of progress, and only when it starts to download the rest of the content thereafter it will get to numbers that seem good, like 50% etc.

Also, don't install any previous discs, do a clean install using the MoP discs only.

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