Pandaren for all, for all Pandaren.

Moon Guard
Opening this thread to hear about how both Alliance and Horde characters are reacting to our new big panda allies. And also what our Pandaren brethren think of other races. As for me, Markus here is dying (soon to be changed to a Pandaren himself) and takes joy in seeing new strong individuals raise drinks within the ranks of the very people he laid his life down for.

He doesn't mind the Pandas.

And likes their beer.

Nothing more needs to be said, he thinks their a awesome race.
Calmai loves the Pandas so far. Her first time meeting one she hugged it, lol.
"Doesn't hurt to have more allies."
"Peace only comes when reason rules.."
In head: "The hell is that thing?"

Out loud: "Hi, I haven't seen your kind before." *later* "They're really nice."
"They're like... floppy rum cakes with legs. Eugh."
She's seen weirder.

Plus, it's not every day she gets to talk about brew with people that are so vocal about it. She doesn't hang out much with dwarves though so that's kind of why
Kasteen dealt with the draenei and worgen with cheerful enough indifference, she can do pandas. She's actually quite nice and non-racist unless you happen to have green skin.

Plus, they have awesome hats. You can tell a lot about a person from their hat...

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