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Blizzard hates Druids.

Just ask any other Mana battery from Vanilla and they will tell you I speak the truth.

Shamans say "Hi".
The druids in my guild seem to like it. Every once in a while they toss it on me so they can get access to AMS (I think it's AMS at least). It's a helpful defensive cooldown and the mushrooms help me with my diseases.

I can't complain.
Yeah, here's the thing. That spell is LIMITED for other classes, while you druids have it all the time.

I don't see the problem.

Because we can only use it in a group, and its our 87 spell, give us an item to do say soul reave and we'll call it even.
Too much QQ about a class being required.

They always cave in to QQ. Didn't you know that?
Bro warriors get to throw flags around. I'd love a cool ability that everyone could use in item form in Pandaria.
Stupid Garbage needs fixed.
Blizzard, I've got over a million gold. I will give it all to you if you make a rare drop an item that let's people...
a) drop war banners on the ground like warriors.
b) cast battle/comm shout for a DIFF timer than 5min because god knows I FEEL LIKE A DANGED VANILLA PALADIN NOW
c) mutes every druid whining that they can symbiosis anywhere. We can't. We symbiosis outside. Sure it's cool for outside, but I farmed this and said YAY TANK CD IN


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