Stats not going higher?

I love tanking, but I'm curious...

Now, I wasn't the greatest geared warr in cataclysm, but my dodge, parry, and mastery along with my mitigations made my dungeon runs clean and smooth. Why is it, (maybe it's just cause it's early expansion) that this wonderful new gear seems to make my defensive stats drop?

Like, I ran two of the new dungeons pre-new shinies without a hitch. I kept my dodge half of my parry, (as IcyVeins suggested having my parry double my dodge) and my mastery was incredible (for my playtime). But with these new wares i've gotten, I'm taking head-cracking hits and getting slapped around like a beachball.

Am I not doing something right? Or is it that perhaps I just haven't gotten things strong enough to raise the stats again? I mean, obviously I haven't gotten to 90 or run the heavier dungeon modes to get the gear relevant to the expansion, but isn't new gear supposed to make stats go up?
Two words: Greg Street
You need to be hit/expertise capped for your level. Missing a revenge/shield slam will hurt your mitigation. Need to get shockwave and enrage regen for talents. Most bosses in MoP don't really hit hard at all cept a few so don't be scared to use CDs on trash. Shockwave is a huge way to mitigate dmg since a lot of trash is not immune to stuns.
Your stats such as parry/crit/dodge go down as you level up, this has to be done to reset the gear. Otherwise after 4 expansions every dps would have 100% crit and every tank would have 40% dodge/parry.
What they are trying to say, I'll illustrate.

Lets say at lv85 +200 dodge will give you 1% dodge

At lv90 +200 dodge only gives you .2% dodge (just as an example)

We are at the beginning of an Xpac and nobody has more than 2 peices of epic gear on them now so when the we're at the end and every piece of gear comes with +1000 "stat" you will get your avoidance back.

This way content stays challenging.

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