WoW graphics (Serious question)

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I have 2 GTX 465's that are sli. When playing other games (bf3, gw2, ect) the cards use 98% each and i get from 70-300 fps. However why is it that in WoW my cards are only using 48-50% each and i'm getting 25 fps? Granted I know Sli and wow are not needed and not seeing a major increase, but that does not explain why there is still plenty of resources available and i'm getting such low fps.

other info:
16GB ram
Wow x64
i7-3770K Ivy Bridge 3.5GHz (OC'ed 4.5GHz)
WoW does not support SLi / XFire very well.
So because of SLI i'm getting bad fps?
Try running with a single GTX 465 and see what you get (should be able to configure it within nVidia control panel to disable SLi with WoW).
That did not seem to help. I then just had one card at 98% with increased temps and fps stayed in the 20's... Guess that is just how it is :(

Kinda sad that my money is not being used to its potential for this game...
Are you using latest drivers?

While GTX 465 isn't that great, it's not THAT bad.

Have you tried usual troubleshooting methods?

1) Disable all addons, delete Cache folder within WoW folder (not one inside WoW\Data), move WTF folder out of WoW folder. Run WoW.

2) If you are forcing any specific 3D options within nVidia control panel, set them all to default.

3) Do not force more than 4x multisampling within WoW, do not force ultra shadows. Use DirectX 11 mode if you have applicable OS.
Yea, I have gone through many recommended drivers, disabled all addons, used a fresh wow install, reset Nvidia, dx11 shadows high and shows ultra are a 5 fps difference. Back in wrath using just 1 465 I would run 100+ frames. I know the game has evolved, but not understanding why there is such a change I can get 70 is frames on bf3 with ultra.... The game runs smooth and it does not stutter at all so I cant complain just wish to see more.

The cards are overclocked as well....

Thank you for your help it is much appreciated.
Try switching between full screen, windowed, windowed (full screen) and see if that makes any difference.
Full screen just crashed my wow (lol), and windowed dropped my frames by 15.
I'd say something more complex is happening here.

GTX 465s tend to get hot hot hot. Can you monitor your GPU temperature? Also try with no OC.
They are running at 61/58 C when playing bf3 or GW2 they are 70/68~

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