Bleeding Health

Since Pandaria started my Warlock is bleading health. Every time I attack something the health of my Warlock drops faster then the think I attack. I thought maybe it was because I did not have my fel armor up but fel armor is now passive. Is there a Spell that prevents this "Back Wash"? if there is no fix for it I'm just going to stop playing my Warlock, it doesnt make any sence to play something that is going to die ever time you attack a mob.
Er...Warlocks generally are a lot tougher than most casters (particularly if you run Destro with the glyph of Soul Consumption). Are you sure you're not using one of your health consuming abilities like Burning Rush or Blood Fear?
Are you using Soul Link? If so, it doesn't give you passive mitigation like it did in cataclysm. It causes you to share your health with your demon now. If he starts taking damage, you will take damage as well.
i only grab soul link if i'm goin grim sac with DA glyph. not popular by any means, but only useful if you use grim sac.
It was the Soul link thanks for the heads up

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